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Parents are the Best Choice in Education

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Greetings from the Richland Two Black Parents Association (October 25, 2014)

Greetings from the Richland Two Black Parents Association (October 25, 2014)

Hello everyone-


It was brought to our attention that a new group of people calling themselves the Bi-Partisan White Citizens Committee has organized to deliver untruths and misinformation about the Richland Two Black Parents Association and African Americans that are running for school board in Richland School District Two. We are not sure if these people are parents but what we do know is that they have grossly mis represented the mission and vision of the RTBPA. Not surprisingly though, they came out with a slate of potential candidates whom they would like to see elected to school board in Richland Two. Needless to say, we told you this would happen and we expected it!!! We wanted to make sure you knew and were aware.

African American parents are outraged at the misinformation associated with this mailer which from our understanding went out to thousands of homes including African Americans. This reeks of the White Citizens Councils that were established in the sixties to threatened and bully black people into subservience and we will not stand for this!!

This is about wanting to keep an apartheid system in place for Richland Two and we as parents will not stand for this either!!!

Obviously we would not let this go without bringing it to your attention and to the attention of MANY others. Please stand by for MUCH MUCH more to come 

on this.

Again thank you parents for sharing this information with us and as always thank you for supporting the Richland Two Black Parents Association. MAKE SURE YOU READ SUNDAY'S STATE NEWS PAPER!!!!

Hello from the Richland Two Black Parents Association - (August 18, 2014)

Wow we cannot believe that in just a few days we as parents will be joining thousands of you and your children to once again release our children into the halls of education and into the hands of those we entrust to begin cultivating the mind and the amazing talent, skill and ability that our children possess. This is also a time where we as parents must reevaluate the educational needs of our children, the impact and how this evaluation is taking place from the Classroom to the Board room.

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In our last correspondence, we shared with you minutes from the Richland Two Black Parents Association meeting with Dr. Debbie Hamm our Superintendent regarding concerns and issues you expressed as parents. Dr. Hamm indicated in our last meeting that she would be following up with the RTBPA regarding numerous recommendations from the RTBPA and we look forward to that meeting soon.

We are pleased to know that at least one of the recommendations the RTBPA made, the development of a task force to address the alarming number of Black males being suspended and expelled in Richland School District Two, is under way. This is most important particularly as we see what is occurring in the news in Ferguson Missouri and other places across our country with young African American Males. The RTBPA is represented on the District's committee and we look forward to keeping you abreast and to see tangible action oriented results that will not only be District driven but collaborations established with many partners in our community...we will keep you posted.


We are pleased to report that there will be a Richland Two School Board election this year!! There are twelve candidates that have filed and of the twelve six are African American Parents!! For your perusal the following are the twelve

Hugh Harmon, Amelia McKie, Chandra Cleveland Jennings, Robert Taylor, *Melinda Anderson, James Mobley,John Dublin,Craig Plank, *Barbara Specter, *James Manning,Paul Manville, Cheryl Caution Parker (Formerly Cheryl Washington Deputy Superintendent for Richland Two)

Please note the * sign denotes an incumbent (a person currently serving on the board)

Please note the highlighted name denotes an African American Candidate.

This is exciting and we ask that you do your home work on each candidate and support those that you believe will support the future of the District, our Students, Teachers and Parents. There will be much more on this later!! Please also stay tuned to the Richland Two Black Parents Association website for updates regarding elections.


School starts on Wednesday August 20th and if you are like all of us we are preparing now for the Big Day! However, there is much to do and it will require our advocacy efforts to kick into gear DAY ONE of school! As you know there is an action button on our website that allows you to type the things that you would like to see done differently in the District. You have done a SUPER JOB WITH THAT and we ask that you continue to send the site to ALL parents. In the coming days there will be other opportunities for you to voice more of your concerns.

Parents, we continue to be overwhelmed by your visits to the site and those that are signing up...It’s AMAZING!! It shows that WE CARE despite what others
may think. 


Someone shared today that an African American who is the head of the Highway Patrol in Ferguson Missouri was brought in to bring a sense of calm to the chaos surrounding the senseless death of an African American young boy Michael Brown. However, the Highway Patrolman after acutely an accurately assessing the situation, placed his uniform and the politics of why he was being asked to bring calm to the escalating problems in Ferguson, aside to remind those in power and those that have been affected by the tragic occurrences, that first and foremost he is a father and more importantly a black man which makes it difficult for him to ignore the plight of his people. He indicated that he has an African American son that reflects thousands of African American young boys all across this country and regardless of what other people may think his son is still his baby!

After hearing this, it should remind all of us that we have entrusted our babies in the hands of Richland School District Two where African Americans make up 68% of the District and where African Americans are grossly under represented on the School Board, in the District office and even in business as the District seeks to do business with many other constituencies other than African Americans. So we cannot afford to be silent! You have proven that we won't!! So let’s pray for the Ferguson Missouri community and let’s pay close attention as we begin to tackle the 2014-2015 school year!

Richland Two Black Parents Association

Email: [email protected]